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Break-Up Diptych

Ash from burnt magazine and love letter on found objects

34.5cm x 31cm x 4cm framed

43cm x 47cm x 4cm framed

A common trope in romantic films after a painful break-up is the ritualistic and cathartic experience of burning an ex-lover’s possessions. This destruction is seen as a fresh start; a symbolic process of letting go and re-birth. In the first of this new series artworks, a separated couple was asked to donate an object given to them by the other during their relationship; in this case a hand-written love letter and a magazine gifted for a birthday. These objects were then burned and the ashes transformed into pigment and a resulting painting. The ash paint sits on the surface of the last remaining remnants of the corresponding object, enveloping it whilst traces of the original object are glimpsed at through the fog of ash.

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